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We exclusively recommend WordPress hosting from SiteGround.

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Worldwide WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosts over a third of the internet, and we’re not just talking personal blogs.  WordPress has over sixty percent of all Content Management System services.  Over 500 new websites are built every day using WordPress, compared to under 100 on places like Squarespace, Shopify, or Wix.

Effortless Website Management

Your SiteGround client area provides easy access to all the tools and services for your site(s), hosting account, domain(s), and more.  They’ve thoughtfully created 1-click tools for the most common actions giving you more time to focus on your business.

Ultra-Fast Up To Date Webservers

SiteGround constantly upgrades their servers around the world to ensure you have the fastest possible website performance.  All their servers run on ultra low latency SSDs.  With available cache optimization features, your website’s data is stored all over the world to ensure rapid load times.

Dependable Email hosting

Your SiteGround hosting plan includes unlimited email accounts “”.  Turnkey account profiles allow easy setup and access across a wide variety of mail clients including forwarding of no reply accounts, autoresponders, and webmail access. 

Free SSL Website Encryption

Privacy and data security has never been more important.  SiteGround is setting the standard for security by offering free Let’s Encrypt SSL to keep your site and your client data safe.  Daily backups ensure your site’s data remains safe, even if malicious code breaches the robust security measures SiteGround employs to defend your site.